Green IT MeetUp4 September in Minsk hosted a Green IT MeetUp. devoted to the problem of green technologies in the IT industry. A few dozen people for five hours and I discussed the possibilities and prospects of “green” technologies in Belarus, the most persistent and continued the discussion during informal conversations at the afterparty.

The format of the MeetUp event is very informal and has to debate and lively discussion. Alexander Kovalev . the company Itteco, spoke about the ability to work effectively in a “paperless” office, when people are physically located in different parts of the world, but working on one project. Andrei Kamarouski . employee hosting provider Active Technologies, spoke about the opportunities of energy saving in offices of IT companies through the use of cloud technologies. Microsoft MVP Andrew Voronovich long and expounded in detail the technical features of the organization of the virtual IT infrastructure. Marina Kamaeva . the resource browser offered the audience a great systematic presentation on the international and national standards in the field of environmental protection.

Very great interest among the participants was the presentation of Constantine Rado and Alexander Degtyarev . who provided the initiative “Go Green community of Belarus “. The purpose of which will be promotion of “green” lifestyle and dissemination of information. In the final one of the MeetUp organizers Roman Bugaev shared some simple but effective tips on how to start moving towards Green Living.

The activist of the Belarusian party “Green” Alexey Kryvolap gave brief introduction about what it means to be “green”. The most active MeetUp participants received t-shirts from nuclear “green” project “peaceful Atom “.