International automatic identification system EANInternational automatic identification system EAN * UCC system is used to identify units of accounting unique global identification number of the item GTIN (G lobal T rade Item Numbe r) . Number GTIN is displayed on the packaging of goods in the form of a barcode of an international coding system EAN/UCC–13. The main components of the EAN * UCC system along with are code GTIN SSCC-18 and global identification number EAN/UCC GLN. Code SSCC-18 is used in logistics operations and is a unique identifier in all phases of control of movement of the consignment. It’s used by all parties involved in transportation, as unique links to detailed information about the cargo stored in the shipping document (computer file). Global identification number EAN/UCC GLN (G lobal Location Numbe r) is a 13-bit digital code (number) assigned to identify the businesses and functional units, physical locations. It does not carry meaningful information, and is a reference to data stored in a computer database. Number EAN/UCC GLN in the database if necessary, you can quickly find more detailed information about the company (organization) or OU, for example, legal and postal address, billing information, names of Directors and governors, characteristics of storage facilities and etc. Global identification number GLN is used in electronic data interchange EDI, where accurate identification of message recipients, participants in commercial transactions and their location. The use of codes instead of full names is a key prerequisite of EDI system;

– the EPCglobal network netwo stock rk presumably should be the basis of a global control circuit supplies of the future. Today EPCglobal is a non-profit joint venture, which founded the international article numbering Association, EAN Intemational and the American Council on the unified code, UCC. Task EPCglobal is developing and promoting standards for all components of the network EPCglobal Network, which include: the EPC numbering system; radio frequency tag, a reader, interaction protocols; manage events in real time, network architecture, etc. the Purpose of EPCglobal standardization is to develop technical specifications and standards with which users representing a wide range of industries, will be able to increase the efficiency of their operations in supply chains. The goal of creating a network EPCglobal Network is to provide immediate, automatic identification of goods and the exchange of information in the supply chain;

system professional mobile radio (PMR) ( PM R – Pгofessional Моbile Radio) – systems of two-way land mobile radio communications using a range of ultra-short waves (USW). PMR networks are used by limited groups of users, combined on a professional basis. It may be the network operational, Supervisory, administrative, technological, etc. purposes. They are used in transport and industrial enterprises, power structures, etc. that’s why PMR networks often referred to as departmental and corporate communication networks;

– the cellular system. Underlying various cellular standard technical principles allow to solve the problem of locating subscribers. This service is of particular interest to users such as: courier and service couriers, shippers and carriers; trading and service companies, companies that hire, etc.;

– satellite technology – satellite communication systems (SCS), satellite radio navigational systems (SRNS), control systems for commercial transport management (DSCAT). Many logistics companies equip their vehicles with satellite receivers regionaliga information systems GPS (Global Positioning System) or GLONASS (global Navigation Satellite System) through which they themselves, being thousands of miles away, can monitor the movement of goods to their customers across the globe and to provide clients with the opportunity, for example, on the Web site in real time. These technologies are used in safety systems of movement of air and water transport, monitoring and management of long-range transport and freight transport, communication and navigation in rail transport, ensuring the activities of the various agencies in emergency situations, etc. Satellite system DSCOUT for road transport Euteltracs provides a highly reliable and convenient bilateral IP communication Manager with all of your drivers at any point of the European continent at any time of the day, as well as continuous monitoring of their movement on the map of roads the computer screen and the remote control of goods.

· It outsourcing (IT outsourcing) is the transfer of the enterprise of a part of functions to manage and support their information resources external to the firm:

– internal outsourcing the provision of services on the territory of the village of Tamika, using its infrastructure and personnel. Sometimes the client is required to expand the business in the regions, and the management of remote offices task from the point of view it is quite time-consuming: it recruiting, and monitoring. Major provider company, having a wide branch network, or a network of subcontractors, has the opportunity to address these issues through customer’s domestic outsourcing. This service virtually any computer hardware and provision of it staff;