IT technologies in Chinese languageMain IT technologies in Chinese language

Master class “IT technologies in the study of Chinese language” holds t Rener Monich Ivan Pavlovich . candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor, Department of Economics and accounting Transbaikal state University. A graduate of Beijing University media communication (Communication University of China).

In this master class You will get the opportunity to acquire the skills for using information technologies that will help in learning the Chinese language.

online and offline dictionaries;

plug-ins for browsers FireFoxи GoogleChromeпо work with the Chinese language;

utilities for converting characters in traditional and simplified;

the semantic processing system of hieroglyphic texts;

ways of entering characters into a computer and smartphone (pinyin, handwriting);

a brief review of the current state of the Chinese segment of the Internet:

SOC. networks, messengers, the phenomenon Taobaoи Aliexpress;

Chinese search engine, search with translation and other services.