IT TechnologyCIOs of large Russian companies will sooner or later meet with representatives of integrators business. What hopes CIO lay on a meeting with integrators? Alexander Abramov, the CIO group of agroenterprises “Resource”: “In our groups. read more >>>

Modeling business processes allows us to analyze not only how the enterprise as a whole, how it interacts with external organizations, customers and suppliers, but also as an organized activity on each individual workplace.

Today, the main condition for stable operation of the company in the market is the improvement of procedures of organizational-economic management. In particular, the development of more effective management systems applies to the sphere of IT. Most users is information S. more >>>

Now, when the importance of it use in business increases every day, but it grows and the cost of the projects held under the banner of implementation of different management systems, the topic of return on investment rises more and more often.