a complex of symbolsEcological marked signs (eco-labeling) is a complex of signs intended for the information of consumers about the environmental friendliness of consumer goods or environmentally sound methods of their use, operation, or disposal.

Handling symbols form a complex of symbols, intended for information on methods of treatment (storage, warehousing, transportation, loading-unloading, etc.) with weights (tare) and goods. Manipulation signs (warning labels) that indicate ways of handling the cargo, is applied to each piece of cargo in the upper left corner of two adjacent walls of the container.

· Contactless technology identification and technical means, organisational arrangements, the sequence for the recognition and registration of objects and rights, entering this information into the computer without using the keyboard in real time. Currently known a number of contactless technologies, among them:

card technology – based magnetic strip, smart cards (integrated microchip for information storage), optical card;

– biometric technologies, such as signature recognition, access to personal computers and networks;

– bar code technology – to effectively account for the movement of material values each product is assigned a unique code and provide quick read with minimal errors. Barcode is a symbol consisting of the figure of the bands (the strokes) and the spaces between them (gaps) that shows the machine code of numbers and letters in binary. The BARCODE scanning technology provides image conversion code in computer data. Today in the domestic market of commercial equipment offers more than 100 models and modifications of a variety of BARCODE readers from different manufacturers:

ü simplest scanners contact action . which it is necessary to touch or to spend at HQ;

ü mobile handheld data collection terminals . which, as a rule, have built-in laser scanner to read bar code at a distance;

ü desktop device (or built-in Desk);

– radio frequency identification technology ( RFIDтехнологии, Radio F requency ldentification) – the RFID chip transmits the information in the radio range of the reader or scanner. Traditional print BARCODE usually read by a laser scanner, which is to identify and extract information require line of sight. When using an RFID scanner can read the encoded information, even when the tag it is hidden, for example, embedded in the body or sewn into clothing. RFID technologies provide electronic access control and movement of staff within the production areas and warehouses; the issuance and transfer of goods and material values, control, protect precious items in warehouses and stores; protection and alarms on vehicles and many others. Dr;